Upcoming Rallys

  • 27 - 31th May 2020, Öland, Sweden, H-DC Sweden,""CANCELLED"" CLICK THIS TO GO TO FH-DCE SUPER RALLY® 2020 WEBSITE
  • 2021, 20. -24. May, Greece, Igoumenitsa, H-DC Hellas
  • 2022, Officially we have decision of FH-DCE Presidents' Meeting that it will be in Czech Republic, Vranov Beach, H-DC Brno ...but it may be changed to be Sweden, Öland, H-DC Sweden, and 2023 Vranov Beach, this will be decided by the Presidents' Meeting 2020 of FH-DCE on October!


  • 2023, France, H-DC France OR Czech Republic, Vranov Beach, H-DC Brno
  • 2024, Estonia, H-DC Estonia
  • 2025, Poland, H-DC Riders of Poland
  • 2026, Denmark, H-DC Denmark