Were does the name come from? For this answer I had to go many years back. We go back to the sixties when Harley-Davidson Clubs from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium meet each other at Harley-Davidson Rally’s. One of the most popular Rallies was the Pinkster Rally in Holland. The first one was organized by H-D C Utrecht (this club later changed their name to Harley-Davidson Club the Netherlands). The Pinkster Rally become bigger and bigger and also the program was more then at a normal Harley-Davidson Rally. After the Pinkster Rally in 1973 the name was changed to Super Rally. It is not very clear why. It's possible that a French group promised a "super" rally for 1974 as it should be in Paris France. But they cancelled the rally just one week before, so in fact the first Super Rally was NOT a Super Rally at all. In 1975 the first Super Rally was held at Kasterlee Belgium. It was not as big as it is now, but it was organized with the same goals and ideas as it is now. Today the name FH-DCE Super Rally® is owned exclusively by the member clubs of Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe.